VIDIUS. For every student of Utrecht

About us

VIDIUS was found in June 2011 as a result of a merger between three foundations: OOFU, LinQ and USF Student Interests. OOFU was the advocate of all study associations of Utrecht University. LinQ was an organization that supported student participation on the UU and USF Student Interests was the union for all students of Utrecht University and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Since September 2010, the former boards of these organizations were in conversation about closer co-operation. This consultation lead to the wish for a far-reaching integration and that is why they constituted a control group that investigated the possibilities of a merger in December 2010. Eventually, on June 15 2011, it was decided by the General Assembly of Members of USF Student Interests to move to an economical fusion with as a result: VIDIUS Student Union.


VIDIUS is established

UFS Student Interests merges with OOFU, the advocate of study associations in Utrecht and LinQ, an organization that supports student participation. The name USF Student Intersts changes to VIDIUS, or: For Everyone Who Studies in Utrecht (in Dutch: Voor Iedereen Die In Utrecht Studeert).

Name change

The name ‘Utrechtsche Studenten Faculteiten’ changes to USF Student Interests. A more politically neutral approach is adopted. The organization focuses on advocating students and providing services. At this moment, our membership consists of approximately 70 organisations and 200 individuals.

LSVb is established

The Dutch Student Union (LSVb) is established by, among others, the ‘Utrechtsche Studenten Faculteiten’.

USF is established

USF is established as a subdivision of USC (Utrecht Student Corps). Since the 1960s, this union was influential among students.

The tenth board of "VIDIUS. For every student of Utrecht".

Stan Liebrand

Dwight van Schoorl

Linda Huisman

Natalie van 't Hullenaar

Ruben Snijder
General board member