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Everyone has those times where not everything goes as smoothly as one would like. Are you stuck because of specific problems or are you worried for a fellow student? With questions on for example finances, fear of failure, addiction or housing, you can go to the district team (buurtteam) in your neighbourhood.


What is the district team?

Each neighbourhood in Utrecht has their own team. Together with the professional aid workers, you can figure out what help you need and where you can get it. Maybe you can solve part of the problem on your own already. Or maybe there’s an institution that can help you out. The goal is to fix the problem and let you carry on with your daily life. Remember: everything is discussed with you first.


What can the district team help you with?

It often helps to talk about your problems with for example a good friend, a roommate or your study advisor. You can also come to the district team for someone to talk to or for practical help. Consulting the district team is completely free of charge.

I find myself without a home very soon”

“I often feel alone”

“I drink too much but I can’t seem to stop myself”

“I have piling debts”

“I am pregnant and didn’t plan for it, what now?

“I quit my study, what should I do?”


Watch out: problems concerning your study or having influence on your study should be taken directly to the study advisor. Examples are student financial aid, study delay, personal problems or chronic illnesses.



It is important that you don’t wait too long when dealing with a problem. Do you think the district team can mean something to you or to someone you know? Do you want more information? Send an email/place a call to you district team or visit their office.


District team East is part of the GEZ network Utrecht. Take a look at for questions about your health care plan.


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