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Psychological health care

As a student, you go through a lot of changes. You live on your own for the first time, study a lot to pass your courses and thus you have to deal with a lot of new responsibilities. These changes and new impressions can lead to feelings of stress and other psychological complaints. This can have a big impact on your daily life. It that case, it is important to know who you can turn to with these problems.


Family doctor and POH-GGZ

For psychological care and counselling you can turn to your family doctor. First they will determine what help is best suited for your problems and which health care professional you should be referred to. Often, a general practice-based nurse specialized in mental healthcare (Praktijk-Ondersteuner Huisarts Geestelijke GezondheidsZorg: POH-GGZ) can provide psychological help. A lot of general practices have a POH-GGZ appointed to them. General-practice-based nurse specialists are trained in providing psychological help and guiding people with psychological complaints like stress, depressions, anxiety and tension. They work together with mental healthcare professionals in the area and can, if necessary, refer you accordingly. Receiving help from a nurse specialist is completely free of charge: the costs will be reimbursed by your health insurance (basic care).


113 Suicide prevention

113 Suicide prevention is the national hotline that people with suicidal thoughts can call or text. Hotline 113 offers online therapy, during which an aid worker will talk to you about your current problems and will offer ways of solving them. It is completely anonymous. Speaking to someone about suicidal thoughts can be a relief and often make room for solutions. You can also call the hotline if you’re concerned for someone else: they will discuss the situation with you and offer advice. You can reach the anonymous hotline 24/7 via their website ( or by calling/texting 0900-0113. Take a look at their website for more information.


Utrecht University

Student psychologists can help you with personal and study related problems that have a negative influence on your study progress. You can make an appointment via the Utrecht University website (take notice of the one-time 25 euro fee). During the first appointment your problems will be assessed and the psychologist will to try to get a clear picture of you and your situation, so that together you can decide on what steps to take next. Click here for more information on the student psychologist at the UU.


University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Your student days are about more than studying, it involves a lot of new situations and responsibilities, like moving to a new city and finding your place there. Or handling the study load or the requirements for starting an internship. Is it too much to handle on your own? Then you can turn to a student psychologist for help. You can make an appointment via your student dean. Click here for more information and the contacts of the dean's office of your study.


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