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Substance use and addiction

Your time as a student is a period of new experiences: a new city, study, home and new responsibilities. For many students this includes drinks, student organisation nights and parties. Gaming until the early hours, going to college hangover or calling in sick because of a weekend of partying, is not problematic per se. But what if it happens more often than you’d actually want and it has a negative influence on your study results? Or if it causes longer periods of sombreness, anxiety or stress? It could be that you’ve lost control of your drug use (or gaming or gambling). What can you do about it?


Test your use

Jellinek’s website features a test that immediately tells you if your substance use is problematic and if it’s wise to lessen it or to put a stop to it completely.


Consultation (by phone)

Would you rather have direct contact or do you need someone to push you a little? It is also possible to make an appointment at Jellinek for a free and noncommittal consultation. You can place a call or stop by the office. You can contact the Jellinek Expert Team at +31 085051220 to make an appointment. You can also pose your other questions there, for example on usage and addiction or if you’re worried about someone you know.

During the consultation, you and the social worker will find out what the problem is and he or she will look if Jellinek can be of any help. Sometimes advice will suffice, other times they will advise you to start a Moti-4 or a treatment. All advice is noncommittal.



Moti-4 is made up of 4 consultation appointments and is meant for adolescents between the ages of 14 and 24 who are struggling with substance use, gambling or gaming. During these 4 consultations the adolescent will get a clearer picture of the problem and will be made aware of their own behaviour and the risks it creates.

The goal of the consultations is up for you to decide: it’s your choice if you want to quit entirely or just lessen your use. Jellinek is there to support you.

Moti-4 functions as a preventive intervention. This means you won’t be signed in at Jellinek and you also don’t need a referral from your general doctor. You can call the Jellinek Expert Team (+31 0885051220) to sign up for Moti-4. Are you already in contact with a student psychologist? Then he or she can refer you to Jellinek as well.



Sometimes treatment is needed, for example, if you’ve already tried multiple times to stop, but didn’t succeed. Or if your substance use or addiction is getting you into trouble. Students can contact the youth department at Jellinek. Often an outpatient treatment is sufficient. This means you will meet with a Jellinek psychologist once a week. Again, you decide the goal of the treatment: quitting or lessening.

Are you physically dependent on your substance use? Then more intensive treatment would be wise. For example, day or night treatment or admission to the clinic. However, amongst students, this rarely happens.

To apply for a treatment, you need a referral from your general doctor. Your health insurance will cover everything, but you still need to pay your excess. Click here for more information on the treatments provided by Jellinek.


Other things Jellinek can help you with:


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