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Finding a place to live in Utrecht is not always easy. We are very concerned about this situation, but we are not a housing agency ourselves and do not have any rooms available. However, we would like to give you some tips on finding an accommodation in Utrecht.

First, keep in mind that many international students stay in reserved accomodations. These rooms are pre-furnished and ready for you on your arrival. If you cannot find a reserved accomodation, you can try to furnish it yourself! This is easier than it seems; look for information on the bottom of the page.

SSH (reserved accomodations)

Firstly, try to sign in at SSH. This is a student housing company with student housing at different locations throughout the city. They have a fixed number of furnished Reserved Accommodations available for exchange students and internationals, but these usually fill up quickly. If the latter is the case, sign up anyway. They might not have an accommodation available right away, but perhaps a reserved accommodation becomes available later due to a cancellation. Besides the Reserved Accommodations, SSH offers Regular Accommodation. This option is mostly suitable for students that are staying in Utrecht for more than one year, as it can take at least twelve months before you will be invited after applying to a room.

Mediation websites (mainly non-reserved accomodations)

Secondly, there are multiple websites available where people offer accommodations. Unfortunately, some of these websites are only available in Dutch. However, also has an English option. There are a number of options to specify your search (location, budget, size of the room etc.) and after doing so, you will get a list of rooms that suit your criteria. In order to place a reaction to a room, you need to create an account on the website.

Other websites you can check out are

Next to these website, more and more people try to find a room(mate) on Facebook. An advantage of these Facebook pages is that reacting on a room is completely free. A possible disadvantage is that you may have a lot of competition since many people try looking for a room through these pages. You could have a look at:

These Facebook pages all work according to a similar principle. You react on an offer, tell them something about yourself and explain why the room appeals to you. Afterwards, you may or may not get a reaction from the house. If you get a positive reaction, they usually invite you for a ‘hospiteeravond’. This is an evening where potential renters come to see the room and meet the roommates. After the hospiteeravond, they decide who will get the room.

Don’t get discouraged if you have to go to a few of these hospiteeravonden, it may take a while till you have found the house that is right for you! Also, if you cannot be at the hospiteeravond in person because you are looking from your home country, suggest a skype meeting to get to know the house.

Real Estate Agencies/Landlords (mainly non-reserved accomodations)

If you don’t feel like looking for a room online, try contacting a real estate agent. Real estate agents often rent out single rooms. It is also possible to rent out a full apartment, which might be a good option if you want to live together with someone.

An advantage of renting through a real estate agent is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of  ‘hospiteeravonden’. A disadvantage is that these rooms are often slightly more expensive than rooms that you find through direct contact, as you pay the real estate agent a fee as well. When it proves too difficult to find something in Utrecht, you can consider living in a different town nearby, such as

  • Nieuwegein
  • De Bilt
  • Zeist
  • Bunnik
  • Bilthoven
  • Houten
  • Woerden
  • Maarssen
  • Vleuten
  • De Meern
  • IJseltstein
  • Stichtse Vecht

Furnishing your non-reserved accomodation room

There are several options available when you rent a room that is empty upon arrival. Firstly, there are specific companies that specify in renting all furniture you need, for exactly the time-period you need it. Student Furniture Holland is one such a company. A second option is to find your furniture at a big furniture store, such as IKEA, or a thrift shop. Contact us if you want any more information.


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